Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for answers? This might be the place to find them. Take a look below and if you don’t see your question answered already, feel free to contact us directly.

What is Office Systems Center's service policy?

Each member of our Service Department is a factory-trained Ricoh technician. Simply place a call if you experience a problem and one of our friendly techs will give you a call within 4 business hours, arrive on site within 8 business hours and complete the call within 24 business hours. That’s our 4-8-24 Service. That is one of the many things that sets us apart from our competitors.

Do you work with not-for-profit organizations?

Absolutely! Please get in touch with one of our friendly sales representatives and let us know the kind of equipment you’re looking for.

Do you ship products?

All items you order from us are delivered directly to our physical store. We then will personally deliver, install and set up your equipment.

What is OSC's toner policy?

When one of our technicians installs a copier, we include a black toner cartridge in the copier itself and one spare for you. When you place the second black toner cartridge into your machine, call us and we’ll ship out your next black cartridge.

With your color cartridges, give us a call when the indicator light on your machine begins to flash.

I've received calls from people offering to ship products to me.

We are aware of reports of fraud in this industry. When you set up a service agreement with Office Systems Center, we make note of the equipment you have purchased, rented or leased with us, including equipment IDs and other specific equipment information. We will call you intermittently to check with you about your equipment as outlined in your service agreement.


When we call our clients, we always identify ourselves as being from Office Systems Center. We have your information on file and will only need your equipment ID in order to process service requests. If anyone calls you and requires or asks for any information without identifying themselves, politely decline and hang up.

I have used/rented equipment; can I set up a maintenance agreement with Office Systems Center?

Yes. We offer maintenance for multiple lines of printers, computers, laptops and more. Office Systems Center is your one-stop shop. Call one of our friendly sales representatives today and they’ll be happy to set up a maintenance agreement with you. 1-361-575-6886

What do you offer through Screen Share?

When you use Screen Share you’ll be connected to one of our techs, who can then troubleshoot your system, manually remove viruses, combat spam, scan/print, etc. all from your own computer!